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In our 22th year ! Count on Louie Perez  for your residential and commercial concrete and

masonry services. We can provide your home or business with brand-new

concrete, brick, block, stone and more  Contact us today for an estimate.

Specialty Work

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Concrete Services

Demo, prep, pour and finish concrete including patios, walks,

steps, footings, slabs, driveways, curbs, gutters, and ramps.

Also repair and patch your cracked or chiped steps, walks,

slabs, walls and curbs.

Masonry Services

We install and repair all most types of block for walls, planters,


 BBQ's and  fire pits. We also install stone, rock , brick  and                                                                                                    veneers


Rock Waterfalls

Enhance your home or business's back or front yard with a

rock waterfall.These can be custom designed to fit your

needs and add a nice soothing atmosphere to any home or



Our brickwork is ideal for walkways, patios, barbecues,

planters, and steps. Having brick installed in your home

or business can add more personality and value to your

finished project.

 Specialty Work

We specialize in custom work around your home or business

such as tile in-lay, stone steps, rockwork, wood gate repairs,

concrete curbs, glassblock, planter repairs, poor draining

area's,masonry seating benches, fire pits and much much more!

About Louie Perez
In business for 22 years and with more than 36 years of experience,

our work speaks for itself. We have worked for many years from referrals, because customers love our excellent masonry and concrete work,

friendly customer service, and on time and on buget project completions,

we will build it right!

Fully Licensed & Bonded
California Contractor's
License # 653981

Service Area:
Los Angeles & Orange Counties

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. -  6 p.m.